Making a complicated story about digital printing clear and dramatic for the one of the most respected names in the business. 

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digital publishing

Challenge: Reach two key audiences in the commercial printing industry, printers and publishers, who sometimes work at cross purposes. Demonstrate the potential for both groups of constituents to profit from digital production printing, and reach sub-segments within both groups that have highly specialized business objectives.


Solution: An ultra-customized direct marketing program that offered every responder a 1:1, digitally printed, perfect-bound book generated by their answers to an online survey. 

Landing page with offer that's a true show and tell.

Every chapter in the book was versioned for multiple types of commercial printers and publishers, from text book makers to online retailers. And each recipient also received "insider" information about their colleagues on the other side of the industry.

The program also demonstrated the potential for Xerox technology to create a completely new type of product.

Agency: Roberts Communications



Challenge: Commercial printers invest billions in Xerox digital production equipment. Freeflow featured a suite of software and support tools to help them be more productive and profitable - and realize a greater return on the investment in Xerox. But the range of offerings within Freeflow were complex and difficult to explain compellingly.

Solution: A user-friendly, high-energy interactive CD that broke down Freeflow into chapters, and associated each with a simple, evocative analogy that easily conveyed the benefits of each.

The CD eased users into the world of Freeflow, engaged them and then held their attention long enough to provide a deeper level of information. Samples of the type of work printers could produce caught their eye, and simple, graphic demos walked them through the entire process of development. It showed them the potential for savings in time and labor, and revealed new opportunities to grow their commercial print business.

Agency: Roberts Communications


color postcard

Challenge: Xerox has been preaching color for years. But until recently, one of the barriers to customers purchasing and using color equipment was the difference in cost between black-and-white vs. color. Today, the cost of color is nearly the same as the cost of no color.

Solution: Use color itself to tell the story. A vivid, unconventional image led the way in this simple, quick-read postcard. Nobody expects a copier company to use sparkly shoes to talk about their products. But in this case, with a cheeky headline, the message was a perfect fit.

Agency: Roberts Communications



project: xerox web video series

Challenge: Xerox does more than provide organizations with equipment for copying and printing their documents. So the company needed an entertaining, unorthodox way to tell the bigger story: Xerox helps make the office greener, more efficient, more productive and more profitable with digital technology and consulting services that transcend ordinary paper outputs.

Solution: A series of web videos released over several months. Each opens with a funny workplace scenario that serves as an entree for a message from a Xerox representative. From electronic records management to workspace connectivity to intellectual property, Xerox puts enormous effort into helping the modern office work to its fullest potential. And these videos illustrate that point with a touch of humor and humanity.