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rochester made for living

Challenge: Some Rochesterians are longtime champions of the region. But for others, Rochester is the home they love to hate. One of the favorite choruses of those naysayers? They hate the weather. But to convince the rest of the world that Rochester is a worthy destination, local people had to get on board. We needed cheerleaders.

Solution: Own the weather. Rochester's new brand, Made for Living, would launch with a theme that refused to shy away from the subject of climate. To the contrary. The subject took on a whole new twist in messages that led with "Acutally, our climate's perfect." For business. For culture. For families. The campaign used weather forecast language and design to celebrate all the reasons to see Rochester in a whole new (sunny) light.

Agency: Roberts Communications

rochester magazine

Challenge: Extend the Made for Living brand.

Solution: A series of full-page magazine ads around the theme of "LIVE." Live the culture. Live the sports. Live the journey. Each ad featured an eye-catching image, a bold, textured headline, and copy that focused on one sparkling facet of the local way of life.

Agency: Roberts Communications









rochester brochure

Challenge: The Visitors Association wanted a way to communicate to newcomers and potential visitors the world of Greater Rochester in as few words and pages as possible.

Solution: A vivid, image-rich 5x5 book that invited the reader to go on a quick stroll through Rochester's outstanding attractions, amenities and distinguishing facts.

Agency: Roberts Communications





made for living, :60 radio

Challenge: Rochester had lost thousands of young professionals for several years to parts of the country where the grass seemed greener. The exodus was a threat to the region's future talent pool and prosperity. But there was an untold story everyone was missing: the area also had its share of boomerangs who had come back after finding that life isn't necessarily better elsewhere. There's a lot they missed, not living here, and they came home.

Solution: Create composite characters inspired by real accounts of people who returned to the area and were glad they did. Write first-person stories to share in upbeat, smile-inspiring radio that echoed the continuing theme, Made for Living.

Tina the Boomerang

Victor the Boomerang

Agency: Roberts Communications