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Positioning a health insurer as a fresh, scrappy challenger in a market dominated by giants.

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Challenge: Univera, a Buffalo health insurance company, was a distant third in a market of three. Their low brand awareness was a barrier to increasing market share.

Solution: Shake things up by reinventing Unviera's identity, starting with a new tagline, "we fit your life better," and refreshing their image as a feisty upstart who's out to challenge the status quo.

Agency: Roberts Communications












open enrollment

Challenge: Identify and communicate a compelling point of competitive differentiation during the critical open enrollment period when consumers have an opportunity to switch health insurers.

Solution: Create a rallying cry, "Copay? No way!" that highlighted the fact that most of Univera's plans featured no copay for kids at the doctor, the dentist, and the pharmacy - something other insurers in the market either couldn't or didn't lay claim to. The position was a homerun for Univera, and carried them through several open enrollment seasons with new editions to a continually strong story.



:60 radio

Radio offered an ideal place to bring the brand to life. The fun, humorous tone of this theatre-for-the-ears educated listerners while it signaled that Univera was no ordinary health insurer.


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Greener pastures


Agency: Roberts Communications