studio 2b & digital lightning

Challenge: A Rochester, N.Y., photography studio was looking to reintroduce itself to the national market with a self promotion piece that would convey everything that sets it apart. These guys will go to any length to create the right effect in a photo shoot. There's nothing they won't track down, learn, or risk to bring an outrageous vision to life.

Solution: My partner, art director James Bogue, and I created a fictitious movie poster concept that would give Studio 2B a space to talk about their specialties and convey their attitude in a larger-than-life, eye-popping format. We worked with the studio to concoct a campy, 3D thriller where we could embed messages about the studio within the movie poster theme. Large-format posters were hand-delivered to the target audience, chiefly ad agencies, along with studio-branded 3D glasses. Art directors and marketers received a tube with a smaller poster and glasses to display in their offices as well. The project also included a landing page where recipients could find out more about the “production.”