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precision matters

Challenge: Set the tone for an important annual summit of banks and payment processors with a message that speaks to the pressures they face in serving consumers.

Solution: Appeal to the the industry's concern that electronic payments are processed precisely, every single time, billions of times a year. The theme "Precision Matters" extended from the initial invitation to the event signage to a welcome video projected on the big screen before the event's keynote address.


This oversized invitation mailer helped set the tone for guests of the RPPS symposium with a hard-hitting analogy: “If a surveyor is off by one degree at the start of a five-mile tunnel, he'll be exactly 460.8 feet off the mark at the end.” Click the image to view the entire piece.

Agency: Roberts Communications


nyc subway trial

Challenge: MasterCard teamed up with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and Citibank to test PayPass-based fare payment for subway riders. They had to clearly, quickly communicate to consumers the advantages of using PayPass to pay for their rides.

Solution: Bold, benefit-driven, instructional messages that played on the context of the daily commute in print ads, transit and POS signage and literature.

Agency: Roberts Communications


paypass interactive

Challenge: Excite MasterCard issuing banks about introducing PayPass cards to their customers while educating them about the logistics of implementation.

Solution: A user-friendly interactive CD that captured the spirit of the consumer benefits of PayPass, such as speed and convenience, but also included detailed informational and instructional content to help issuers get up and running fast.

Agency: Roberts Communications


key bank bill pay

Challenge:  Persuade reluctant consumers to try online bill payment through Key Bank.

Solution: A disarming direct mail program that poked fun at their fears with visuals of consumers delightfully shocked at how easy it is to pay bills online. The DM also sweetened the deal by offering participants a limited-time bonus for giving online bill pay a try.

Agency: Roberts Communications


promises matter

 Challenge: Consumers trust payment card issuers to handle transactions reliably, day in and day out. MasterCard RPPS provides the complex, back-end transaction network through which millions of payments take place every month. Each year, this group within MasterCard hosts a summit for bankers and payment processors that covers important topics around electronic transaction processing. The client needed to inspire people to attend and find a way to summarize the subjects of the day into a cohesive theme.

Solution: Strike an emotional chord with the audience with the message that "Promises Matter." That includes the promises made to consumers who trust that their transactions will be safe, quick and consistent; and the promises MasterCard makes to the banks it serves.

Agency: Roberts Communications


cps training tool

Challenge: Educate the MasterCard workforce about Corporate Payment Solutions, a complex group within the company that markets corporate cards to large organizations in the private and public sectors. Staff have demanding schedules that make it difficult to commit big blocks of time to internal seminars and training.

Solution: Develop an interactive training program that staff can work their way through at their own pace. They register at a secure website and begin a series of chapters, each with an online quiz at the end. When they log out, their location in the training sequence is saved. For times when they don't have web access, a Flash drive contains a mirror program that they can run from their laptop, and later automatically sync with the online version.

Agency: Roberts Communications


brodia e-wallet

Challenge: Banks that issue MasterCard cards understood the security risks consumers had to take when they made purchases online. But as a growing cateogory of spending, online shopping was still an important area to pursue. MasterCard developed a secure e-wallet program for banks to offers their customers and needed to educate those banks about its ease of implementation and consumer use.

Solution: A fast-paced, eye-catching interactive CD that used both narration and on-screen animation to quickly educate banks about the e-wallet concept - and brought out the benefits to the bank and its customers.

Agency: Roberts Communications