Jewish Senior Life

Welcome Video

Challenge: Change the perception of a retirement community largely seen as a nursing home for people of one faith, when in reality it represents a broad continuum of living communities and religious affiliations.



Solution: Produce a video starring staff, family and residents across the spectrum of living arrangements, from independent to assisted to full care. Tell a bigger story about Jewish Senior Life. Show how the Jewish heritage inspires a spirit of openness and welcoming to all. Present a community full of vitality, dignity and connection.

Agency: Prime8 Media


Ad campaign


Challenge: Position the retirement community's range of living options each with a personal touch and a sense of empowerment and vitality. Develop a cohesive print advertising presence to carry the organization through a year of messages for a wide variety of publications and audiences and mark its 90th anniversary with a fresh message.


Solution: Design a campaign that focuses on first-person styled accounts of Jewish Senior Life. The written journal entries offer a glimpse of what potential residents can expect, reassure their families, and portray a community that's vibrant and active. Click the ad to view the entire series.




Agency: Roberts Communications Inc.