Connecting a global bank to more profitable relationships.

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cpa referral program

Challenge: HSBC had a revenue-generating sleeping giant right under its nose with its established relationships with CPAs. Those same CPAs had important clients that HSBC wanted to reach with financial products and services.

Solution: This high-end direct mail package launched an extensive program to build relationships between HSBC and CPAs whose clients were sought-after prospects for this international bank.

The package featured one of a pair of two-way radios that symbolized the personal attention and access HSBC offered CPAs. Recipients received the other half of the pair of radios when they booked a meeting with an HSBC rep. The response rate for this program was in the double digits.



"magic" convention

Challenge: MAGIC – the Men’s Apparel Guild in California – welcomes all sorts of garment-related businesses to set up booths and network with colleagues. HSBC wanted to grab their attention in advance of the conference, so attendees would stop by their booth.

Solution: This mailer let a select audience of companies know that HSBC would be there. And to break the ice, we sent them a symbol of the industry.