Greater Rochester Health Foundation

Encouraging families to help Rochester's next generation grow up healthy, stay fit, and live longer. 

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Challenge: Childhood obesity has been on the rise for decades, and it leads to numerous lifelong health problems, from diabetes to heart disease. In fact, today the problem is so severe that the current generation of kids may be the first ever to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, experts say. The Greater Rochester Health Foundation wanted to confront this issue locally and communicate to parents, kids and community leaders the urgency of the problem. And practical ways to solve it.

Solution: An integrated advertising campaign that grabbed people's attention with a stirring TV spot, then followed with a message of hope and tools to equip the public to turn things around.

A simple, memorable code, 5-2-1-0, had been implemented in other parts of the country with some success. It represented: five fruits and vegetables a day, two hours or less of TV and computer time, one hour of active play, and zero sugared drinks.

The GRHF sought to put their own spin on this formula. The campaign featured bright, simple messages that encouraged people to act in simple, meaningful ways, and pointed the audience to a website where they could get more involved.

Billboards went up all over town. And buses were covered with similar messages.




All of the messages directed the audience to, where they could get more facts, find out what else they could do to help kids live healthier lives, and support the efforts of the GRHF as volunteers.

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