Bona Fide coffee

Challenge: Bill Klingensmith had been in the coffee business with his St. Louis business partner for a decade, and he was ready to bring home the beans. He had a vision for introducing a higher-caliber coffee collection to his hometown of Rochester, N.Y., and wanted to introduce the product line with a tribute to some of its best loved figures and institutions. So he created Bona Fide Coffee Company to launch in Upstate New York.

Solution: Bill formulated three special roasts just for Rochester, and I helped him develop the messaging for those roasts and the positioning line to introduce them all to the local market: Earnestly Roasted for Rochesterians. Each of the three signature roasts carries a label with a brief description of the coffee and the significance of its name to the Rochester audience.


Packaging copy for three signature blends:


Inspired by the legendary inventor who perfected the power to capture memories. This blend will have the same influence on your palate, thanks to its bold finish. The moment you savor it, you know you’ve snagged an unforgettable Cup o’ Joy. 


The perfect roast for kicking back and coasting through your day. This blend is as bold and earthy as the well-worn trail of the Erie Canal. Get behind the mule and let Tow Path give you a pull. 


Big ideas begin with a smart blend. With hints of berry, caramel, and semi-sweet chocolate, this toasty roast celebrates the daring spirit and idealism made famous by our own Frederick Douglass.